• Top ten crystals and other recommended crystals.
    For people interested in learning about and working with crystals and gemstones, here's a guideline that you may find helpful.  These are all what I would consider mandatory for a beginner's collection.

    Amethyst:  Relaxation. Calmness/Focus. Self-discipline. Good for meditation.  Crown Chakra.

    Aventurine, Green:  Balance. Good luck. Prosperity. Cleanses negativity. Good Health. Heart Chakra.

    Carnelian:  Emotional release. Creativity. Helps restore energy.  Sacral Chakra.

    Chrysocolla:  Promotes serenity. Excellent for Women. Cleanses, re-energizes and aligns all Chakras. Throat Chakra.

    Citrine:  Releases stress/tension. Balances nerves. Spiritual energy. Solar Plexus Chakra.

    Jasper, Red:  Sexual healing. Stimulates dreams. Encourages practicality. Root Chakra.

    Quartz, Clear (Point):  Best known general healer. Calming. Focus. Spirituality. Soulstar Chakra - 6" above head.  Clears all Chakras.

    Quartz, Rose: Self-love. Unconditional love. Healing. Forgiveness. Reconciliation. Palm Chakras.

    Quartz, Smokey : Grounding and centering. Balance. Protection. Earthstar Chakra - 6" below feet.

    Sodalite: Balances emotions. Helps immune system. Good for communication. Third Eye Chakra.


    Agate, Blue Lace: Uplifting and supportive. Good for inflammation. Excellent healer. Throat Chakra.

    Fluorite:  Creativity and new ideas. Helps with learning. Good for Skeletal system.  Crown Chakra

    Garnet: Energizes body. Good for starting new projects. Awareness. Root Chakra.

    Jade, Nephrite: Balances Heart. Improves healing efficiency. Abundance. Good luck. Good health. Heart Chakra.

    Kyanite, Blue: Great for Healing. Fever and pain reducer. Never needs to be cleansed.  Third Eye Chakra.

    Lapis Lazuli: Balance. Eases stress/trauma. Brings truth and perception, helps perspective. Third Eye Chakra.

    Tourmaline, Black/Schorl: Best protection stone available. Grounds and centers. Positive attitude. Earthstar Chakra.

    Turquoise: Helps immune system and thymus. Strengthens body. Spirit Enhancer. Throat Chakra.

    All these Crystals and Gemstones are easily attainable and relatively inexpensive.

    Crystals and gemstones may be cleansed by letting them sit for 24 hours on a Clear Quartz Crystal cluster designated for just that purpose. After cleaning them, hold them and concentrate on what you want them to do. This is called programming. Program one crystal for one function only.


    THE BOOK OF STONES: WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY TEACH by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian.

    If you have any questions about crystals or gemstones, please feel free to contact me.

    Written on Tuesday, 10 May 2011 19:39