Balancing courses

Angelic Expressions (TM)

Learn to call on the Archangels and work with their energies to enhance your life, aid in healing and deepen meditation. You will receive an attunement to help you strengthen your ability to connect with and receive from the Archangels.

$35/Set Fee set by creator Nicole Lanning

Banyu Biru Rejuvenation Wave

Our livers are under a lot of stress from environmental toxins. Banyu Biru, which means “Blue Water”, is a healing method that helps release toxic energies from the liver by renewing cellular structure. Developed by Hari Andri Winarso.

$20 course fee

Blue Star Celestial Healing

A healing modality that dates back to the ancient Egyptians, Blue Star Celestial Healing heals on many levels and helps expand your spiritual awareness.

$50/Counts as 3 Attunements

Crystal Healing

Crystals and gemstones can help heal us with their subtle energetic vibrations. Learn how to use these gifts from the Earth to enhance your own wellness.

$50/Not Available as a Package


This is a powerful energy system that originates in Tibet. It dramatically shifts your energies on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

$20 course fee

Golden Triangle Healing

This Egyptian style energy can not only be used to help heal yourself and others, but also stimulates the Third Eye, thereby enhancing your telepathic and mental abilities.

$20 course fee

Huna Empowerment

An ancient healing system from Hawaii, Huna opens you to receiving powerful energies that shift your spiritual, emotional and physical perceptions.

$25 course fee

Triangles Healing System

This amazing Egyptian-style energy system can facilitate intense healing and spiritual growth. It stimulates the Third Eye and can be used to heal yourself or others, in-person or at a distance.

$50/Not Available as a Package

All prices are in US dollars. All courses come with a manual, an attunement, a certification of completion and life time support.