Self Improvement Courses

Akal Empowerment

Releasing fear is essential to spiritual growth and healing. Discover how to tap into the powerful energy of this Gurmukhi mantra to calm your mind, let go of fears, and recognize that you are safe and eternal.

$17/Set Fee by creator Elemental Reiki

Deprogramming Self Punishment

Are you your own worst enemy? This powerful course helps you become your best and accomplish what you want by getting rid of self-sabotage, self-punishment and other negative attitudes and habits.

$20 course fee

Divine Energy Transformer

“Energy vampires” can leave you feeling physically and emotionally drained and even ill. Discover how to use Divine energy to not only deflect energetic vampirism away from yourself, but to transform it into healing Reiki energy to help the other person.

$20 course fee

Divine Harmony

In order to reach your highest potential in life, your body, mind , emotions and spirit need to be in balance. Divine Harmony can help you restore this balance.

$75/Set Fee by creator Hari Andri Winarso/Counts as 3 Attunements

DNA 4 Success

We all want Love, Wealth, Success and a happy, healthy Personality. DNA 4 addresses all these areas by teaching you how to become more motivated, and change negative habits and thoughts to positive ones.

$25 course fee

DNA Light Integrative

Awaken your original psychic abilities by activating dormant DNA. Also helps you manifest your desires more quickly and effectively.

$80/Set Fee by creator Hari Andri Winarso/Counts as 5 Attunements

Four Folds Circle Security

This new energy system involves four layers of spherical divine activity. They help remove unwanted or negative influences and replace them with positive and helpful vibrations for optimal spiritual health and safety.

$20 course fee

Healing the Conflict Within

Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemy, sabotaging ourselves with fear, discouragement and despair. By connecting with the higher energies of your spirit guides, your higher self and Spirit, you can overcome conflicting emotions and find positive solutions to problems.

$19.95 course fee

Hidden Self

If you need help with self-control and willpower, this course developed by Nicole Lanning is for you.

$20 course fee

Higher Self Journey

Learn to better communicate with your Higher Self through seven activations that include Divine Protection, Clearing, Grounding, Third Eye, Energy Bodies, Meditation, Spirit Guides/Higher Beings and Dreams.

$35 course fee

Infinity Living

Imbalances in your being can hinder and block your spiritual progress. This course helps you identify and release these imbalances at a core level.

$80 as Requested by creator, Hari Andre Winarso/Counts as 2 Attunements

Journey to the Divine Self

Reconnect with and manifest your Divine Self using these ten effective and powerful activations and clearings.

$50 course fee

Location Protection

We’re continuously being bombarded by energies from our communities and the people in them, and a lot of it is negative. This course is designed to help you clear and neutralize these negative energies, so they don’t affect you.

$20 course fee

Negativity Flush Empowerment

We’re constantly being exposed to negative energy that accumulates over time, leaving us tired and weakened. This empowerment course gives you a rejuvenating boost by releasing the build-up of negativity not just from your body, but also from your chakras, meridians and aura.

$25/Set Fee by creator Nicole Lanning

Outside Influences

Negative energies, as well as curses, hexes and malicious spells, can wreak havoc in your life if you don’t know how to protect yourself and your loved ones. This course helps you get rid of those negative influences and remove bad energies coming from those who wish you ill.

$20 course fee

Personal Bio Force

Emotional blockages can have a profound effect on your health and well being. This high vibration energy system developed by Hair Andri Winarso rejuvenates you on a cellular level while detoxifying your liver and supporting your immune system. It can help with a variety of issues including weight loss and conditions associated with aging.

$21 course fee

Positive People Empowerment

If you wish you had more positive people in your life, whether friends, co-workers, teachers or healers, then this course will help. This system helps you attract more people to you who will offer you support, love, inspiration and positive energy.

$20 course fee

Rainbow Orb Empowerment

Stress, anxiety and agoraphobia (the fear of open spaces) can severely limit a person’s life and deplete their energy. This empowerment, which is gentle enough to use with children, helps relieve those who suffer from these issues.

$20 course fee

Self Transformation Symbols

Balance your energy field and strengthen your spiritual growth and healing work with this new system that works with the Devic forces of nature and light. It can also enhance your experiences with meditation and visualization.

$44/Set Fee by creator Hari Andri Winarso

Spell Clearing Empowerment

If you feel you have been cursed or hexed by another, or simply feel someone has negative intentions towards you, learn to clear these dark energies safely and effectively, without doing harm to others. This system can also be used to clear old energies from past lives.

$20 course fee

Universal Wisdom

Universal Wisdom and guidance is available to us all the time, but it often appears in ways we don’t expect or recognize. This course helps you remove blocks to this wisdom and heighten your awareness of spiritual guidance.

$25 course fee

All prices are in US dollars. All courses come with a manual, an attunement, a certification of completion and life time support.