Gemstone and Herbal Stuffed Goddess Dolls

Brigid DollI started making my Goddess dolls in 2005 when, after searching the Internet for weeks, I finally realized that I couldn't find anything that resembled what I wanted.  So, I created a pattern, hit the fabric stores, and sat down at the sewing machine.  I had taken a course on doll repair, which taught me how to make stuffed dolls.  I had the tools, so I sat down to figure out what I wanted for myself.

The first dolls I made were for Brighid, the Celtic Goddess of Healing, Poetry and Smiths.  She was the Goddess with whom I was most closely working.  I researched Brighid and learned what gemstones and herbs represented Her, what She wore and how She looked.  I created several Brighid Goddess dolls for various people but the one pictured, is my personal Brighid doll and was made to my personal specifications.  She wears a necklace made with 19 Rainbow Moonstones and a girtle made with the seven main Chakra colored gemstones and 19 rainbow Moonstones.  She wears a green felt cape.  I used a special shiny red fabric and special yarn in fire colors for Her hair.  The gemstones and herbs that correspond to Brighid that I added to my doll's stuffing were Amber, Garnet, Moonstone, Quartz Crystal, Basil, Bay, Blackberry, and Cinnamon.  This Brighid Doll is not for sale.  An identical doll would cost $350.

blue spiral goddess

My Blue Spiral Goddess doll is unbleached cotton stuffed with five gemstones and five herbs that I personally favor.  She has rainbow yarn hair and is painted with blue glitter gel paint.  Her necklace consists of Chakra colored gemstones.  She is not for sale.  An identical doll would cost $150.

My Earth Mother Goddess doll has blue "dreadlock" yard hair and is made from batik patterned material.  She wears a Rainbow Moonstone necklace and is stuffed with my personal choices of herbs and gemstones.  A doll as close to identical to this one as I can make it, with two gemstones and two herbs in the stuffing and wearing a Rainbow Moonstone necklace would cost $200.

Earth Mother Doll (white)The Earth Mother Goddess doll with White hair, in a yarn similar to Brighid's, only white, was stuffed with one gemstone and one herb.  She sold for $100.

The Silver Spiral Goddess doll is unbleached cotton with rainbow yarn hair.  Her stuffing contained one gemstone and one herb.  She had a spiral and eyes painted in glitter gel paint.  She sold for $100.

Whitney's Doll was a special request.  She was made of unbleached cotton, the same yarn hair as Brighid, was decorated with glitter gel paint and her stuffing contained specific herbs and gemstones.    The photo is shown only as an example.

Earth Mother DollEach Goddess doll is unique.  The cost of a Goddess doll depends on how you want it to look and what gemstones and herbs you'd like added to the stuffing.

All the Goddess dolls are between 11 and 12 inches tall.  They do not come with a stand, but stands may be purchased at craft or doll stores.

A standard doll consisting of unbleached cotton material, yarn hair and one type of gemstone and herb in the stuffing is $75.

It generally  take 4 - 6 weeks to make and send your custom doll, unless there are special requirements that I have to order.  If that is the case, it will take longer.  You will always be informed if something needs to be special ordered and how much it will cost.  You are welcome to supply your own charms, herbs, gemstones or decorations for your Special Goddess Doll.  There is a five gemstone and five herb limit.

Silver Spiral DollA 50% deposit is required in advance to confirm your order and the balance, including shipping, handling and insurance fees, will be required once the doll is finished and ready to ship.

Whitney's Doll

Examples of Goddess Dolls:

A Love Goddess could be made of pink or Heart Chakra Green colored material, with Rose Quartz and rose petals in the stuffing.  She could look the way you envision your perfect Love Goddess.

A Prosperity Goddess could be made of green material and have green gemstones, such as Jade or Aventurine, and prosperity herbs such as Allspice, Bay, Cinnamon, Mint or Patchouli in the stuffing.   Emeralds, Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood would cost extra as they are more expensive to purchase.  If you wished, your  Prosperity Goddess could have monetary symbols painted in green glitter gel paint.

A Protection Goddess could have protection gemstones such as Black Tourmaline, Obsidian or Black Onyx and protection herbs such as Basil, Cedar, Garlic or Sage in the stuffing.  She could be made to look like the Hindu Goddess of protection, Kali Ma, or however you envision the personification of Protection.

A Healing Goddess doll could be made of pink or white material and have Rose, Clear Quartz or Blue Kyanite gemstones and healing herbs such as ginseng, orange peel, cinnamon or any general or specific healing herb of your choice.

A Meditation, Relaxation and/or Sleep Goddess could be made of a soothing shades of violet material and have Amethyst and Lavender in the stuffing.

Elemental Goddess dolls (Air/East/Yellow, Fire/South/Red, Water/West/Blue and Earth/North/Green) may be sold separately or in a set.  Each Doll could made from material the color of Her element and have one  gemstone and one herbal correspondence.

An Archetype Goddess doll could be made of silver material and have Silver and Moonstone as well as   Cinnamon and Rose petals in the stuffing.

The possibilities are endless.  Contact me with your ideas.