About Nancy

Rev. Dr. Nancy Pedersen is a person who loves to help people. Wherever she goes, people tell her their life stories. She always listens to them with compassion and respect. Since her early teenage years, she has been known as the person to see when advice is needed. It is no surprise that  she turned to a career in metaphysical and holistic well-being.

Nancy has been a professional divination practitioner since 1985.  She primarily uses the very rare Reflexions cards, but also use Runes, gemstones, Tarot, various oracle decks, I-Ching, Numerology, dice, scrying tools (crystal ball and scrying mirror) and divining rods to help people on their life paths.   She has read for people in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and Japan.

Nancy received her Doctor of Divinity degree from the Midwest University of Holistic Health.  As a lightworker, she has received certifications as Holistic Health Practitioner, Spiritual Healer/Light Worker, Spiritual Life Coach, Chakra and Aura Therapist, Spiritual Intuitive Reader, Akashic Records Reader, Color/Light Therapist, Music/Sound Therapist and Astral Projection teacher through the Reiki Rays Institute.  She is a certified Crystal Resonance Therapist through Naisha Ahsian's Crystalis Institute for Personal and Planetary Evolution. Nancy has certifications and mastery in several different forms of Reiki, Seichim, Shamballa, Ama Deus, Chios, Triangles and other holistic healing modalities.  She is accredited through the World Metaphysical Association, Healers Unite, and the American Council of Holistic Healers.

Personally, Nancy is a wife, the mother of a "tween" daughter, and was a professional photographer from 1975 to 2000. Her husband is a Pipe Carrier following a Native American "Shamanic" path, and her daughter is already a Reiki Practitioner who has an astounding rapport with animals. Nancy is enjoying the beautiful energy of the Pacific Northwest from her home in Seattle, WA.