Energy and Deity Work Classes

Amaru Meru

Amaru Meru was a Lemurian teacher and guardian of the Disk of the Sun. Tap into this Divine being’s wisdom to help cleanse and purify your energy body, enhance your powers of manifestation, activate your Third Eye, raise your Kundalini energy, and more.

$21 course fee

Astral Projection

Want to develop your psychic skills or enrich your spiritual journey? Learn how to safely initiate and experience out-of-body travel.

$50 course fee

Celestial Golden Chi

This new healing modality by Hari Andri Winarso will help you enhance your intuition and develop your Third Eye chakra. Your psychic abilities will increase and you will be better able to take control of your life and make positive changes as negative thoughts and energies fall away.

$50 course fee

Celestial Light Body Activation

The higher our vibration, the less of a hold our ego can maintain over our psyche. This system aids you in connecting with your light body so you can access these very high vibration energies and enter a more expansive space of spiritual enlightenment.

$60/Set Fee by creator Jay Burrell

Channeling Flush Empowerment

If you are unable to clearly receive guidance and information from your Angels, Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, your Higher Self and other spiritual beings, this course is for you. It helps clear blockages and open your channels of communication.

$25 course fee

Crystal Dragons

Prepare for the energy shift of 2012 by drawing on Dragon energy. These powerful entities can help us through this major global transition.

$20 course fee

Dragon Light Worker

Enhance your life by connecting to the energies of the Dragons with three levels and attunements: Dragons of Magickal Wells and Springs, Dragons of the Mystical Winds, and Dragons of Mother Gaia’s Heart.

$40/Fixed Fee by creator Linda Colibert/Counts as 3 Attunements

Etheric Assistant

Learn to program and use this intelligent energy to help you carry out tasks and achieve your goals and life’s purpose.

$20 course fee

Ganesha Empowerment

Ganesha is a Hindu deity and the remover of obstacles. Whether you’re working on a project and/or want to expand your spiritual growth, the energies of Ganesha can help you move forward with greater success.

$15 course fee

Intuition and Enorasis

Your Third Eye is the seat of spiritual sight. Learn how to open, clear and balance this chakra and raise your spiritual awareness and consciousness.

$20 course fee

Krishna Connection

Krishna is a Hindu deity of light whose energies have multiple applications in healing and spiritual work. Krishna can help you with your Reiki work as well as charging crystals, water, etc.

$15 course fee

Kwan Yin Compassion

Kwan Yin is the Goddess of compassion, forgiveness and abundance. Discover how to tap into these healing energies for yourself.

$20 course fee

Lakshmi & Lord Vishnu

These two new systems incorporate the energies of Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune, wealth and happiness, and Lord Vishnu, the preserver of life, truth and peace. They can help you in a range of ways, from bringing peace, courage, happiness, beauty and strength into your life, to helping you manifest your dreams.

$20/Set Fee by creator Nicole Lanning

Light of Lemuria

The Lemurians were masters of wisdom and healing. By connecting to their energies, you strengthen your psychic abilities and learn the ways of light, love and empowerment.

$20 course fee

Light of Muses

If you want to be more creative, this course is for you. It works to connect you to all the Muses, thereby opening you up to their creative inspiration.

$20 course fee

Magickal Light Worker

Create the life you want with this intensive and life-altering energy system. It teaches you 12 universal laws that use magic and lightwork to change your life for the better.

$50/Counts as 2 Attunements

Magickal Shamanic Lightworker

If you’ve ever had a desire to follow the Shamanistic spiritual path, this course can help. It will connect to the energies of Mother Earth and universal consciousness, teach you how to do spirit journeys, rites of passage and much more.

$45/Counts as 2 Attunements

Nine Wonders

This course works on the whole chakra system and offers multiple benefits. It enhances your ability to channel Reiki energy as well as helping to ground, clear and balance. It also involves the use of some special ethereal crystals.

$20 course fee

Protection of Goddess Kali Ma Empowerment

The Goddess Kali Ma is a powerful source of protection and assistance. Learn how to strengthen yourself by connecting with Her energies.

$22/Fixed Fee by creator Linda Howell Colibert

Psychic Clarity

If you are unsure about the guidance you are receiving from Spirit, or don’t understand the answers you are receiving to your questions, this course can help by removing blocks and heightening your intuition for clear, accurate communication.

$20 course fee

Quantum Energy Field

The Earth and Universe are full of beneficial energies that can enhance your life and abilities. Learn how to absorb these energies, while also protecting yourself from electromagnetic radiation and other unhealthy vibrations.

$20 course fee

Radiant Chromo-Body Encirclement Healing System (TM)

Exclusive original modality by Rev. Dr. Nancy Pedersen.

This simple yet highly effective system may be used for any positive purpose, including manifesting one's needs and desires, achieving good health, healing conflict, protection, etc.

$50/Set fee by creator Nancy Pedersen

Sarasvati Empowerment

Creativity is a powerful force in the Universe, and in our lives. Sarasvati is the Hindu goddess of creativity, arts and learning, and is also considered to be the mother of the universe. This empowering system will enhance your creativity and wisdom and hone your ability to learn, concentrate, comprehend and communicate.

$15 course fee

Silver Violet Flame

Energy never dies, but it can be transformed. Learn how to transmute negative energy into pure source energy with the Silver Violet Flame. Let go of old habits, transform your relationships, and make a difference in the world.

$20 course fee

Snap of the Dragons

Connect to the powerful energy and spirit of the Dragon to make dramatic changes in your life. Assists in all areas, including spiritual growth and transformation, success and prosperity, and physical and mental vigor.

$20 course fee

All prices are in US dollars. All courses come with a manual, an attunement, a certification of completion and life time support.